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12 abril 2010

At times you´ll feel that it´s the best learning experience in your life, a minute later you will hate it so much for keeping you apart your normal life, your family, your work, your friends… Some days after you will have to write a challenging report, and then you´ll love it again. Like in a roller-coaster, your mood will go up and down in the 13 months that the Master in Digital Marketing from the IE Business Scool lasts. Your free time will be dramatically reduced to zero but, you will learn so much, you´ll feel it´s worth it. So far, I´ve been experiencing this for just a couple of months, will I survive?




Pereznews April 5th 1010, 3.30 am Spanish time. I should have been sleeping for at least three hours now. But I feel it´s impossible. Too much adrenalyne. I just took an online financial accounting quiz, a 10-multiple choice exam which had to be done in just 15 minutes, I was so nervous that I did it in 13 minutes and 13 seconds. 13!!! Yes, that was bad fate: I only had 50 out of 100 points. Incredible: I studied quite a lot, hoped to have some good marks, and I almost fail! Prepaid expenses, liabilities, accrual accounting, deferrals… this explosive cocktail of financial terms keep banging in my mind and enables me to sleep.

Tomorrow, with deep dark circles and my deep black cup of coffee –no Starbucks, thanks–,  I´ll wake up and realize that I have to read maybe 30 posts on the forum and post my dose of them. But I won´t be the only one: we´re currently 25 students, we have three online subjects each week, and we are supposed to write a maximum of five posts per week and subject… this means, a maximum 375 posts per week! Also, we have to sum up the professors ones. Crazy, crazy…. and it´s not my imagination, it´s more than real.
“Oh, Pilar, so you´re studying an online master? Don´t worry, it´s only online”, tell me some of my friends. But, yes, of course I have to: not only do I have to read hundreds of posts but discuss three reports per week with my group mates, read “three-kilo” accounting books, dozens of web pages, links, physical documentation, research and try to contribute to my class. So any magic tricks on how to do it? Just one:  sleep very little.
With such an intensity of studies, I feel it´s impossible to balance smoothly all aspects of life. There are very few options you can try: share a little less time with the family, refuse to write some articles (I work as a freelance journalist), not reading all of the master´s documentation…. But, to do everything 100% perfectly it´s just impossible.
Nevertheless, I still feel it´s worth doing it: I´ve learnt so much in these weeks! How to work in a team with every member in a different country (Spain, Philippines, USA, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates and England), try to make yourself understand in a difficult environment -multiple time zones-… How to discuss via online, how to try to explain yourself just in words, how to collaborate via Google Docs, Skype or whatever…. And of course, many, many tips from our really interesting subjects (some, more interesting for me than others, I need to admit): SEO, SEM, campaign management, advergaming & metaverses, digital trade marketing, campaign management, digital advertising evolution… I even like some accounting! A master for masochists? No way. I hope that in some weeks time I´ll learn how to manage my time. Yes, please!




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