Finally I got my Digital Marketing Master´s Degree!!! 

24 mayo 2011

I cannot believe two months have gone past since I finished my Master in Digital Marketing in the IE Business School... I promise that although I wanted to write a post about this demanding, fulfilling and intense experience, I felt absolutely paralyzed. I ended up so exhausted that I only wanted to... sleep and share the lost moments with my family and friends... 

Now, when I have my life back and a new perspective of life, work and dreams, I believe it´s the moment of sharing with you my thoughts. So.. how to start? Just saying that whoever tells you that an online program is not so demanding as an offline one, don´t believe him/her! Starting in March 2010 till March 2011, these 13 months have been the most tiring ones of my entire life. Sharing it with a full-time-job, a family life and the writing of a novel made it far too intense in many occasions. But, worth it! I must admit (now that I keep a cold head)... 

So... let me count: in total, we had around 20 subjects: Campaign Management, Metaverses and Advergaming, Digital Advertising Evolution, Fundamentals of Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Virtual Companies Legal Environment, Markets E-Research, Digital Trade Marketing and Promotion, Digital Marketing Auditing, Usability and Design, Marketing Strategy and Plan, Emerging Media, Competitive Strategy, Digital Communication, Operations Management... Impressive!!! My favourites? Crazy for a social sciences and journalism graduate: SEO, Usability and Digital Marketing Auditing... 

Plus my favourite  ones: Fundamentals of Financial Management, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. Thank God these teachers were very reasonable! (Thanks Lucía, Virginia and Rui!)

And of course, I won´t forget about the final presentation of the business plan, a digital agency for the action sports industry with my friend and classmate Simon Wootton called Threesix-T... Never thought I could learn so much of the surf industry!

Last, but not least, we had online lectures every 15 days (on Saturdays at 13.00 pm!!!!!). I still remember desperately seeking for a restaurant with wifi in a small village of Mallorca, once that I managed to go on a trip... But not everything was "virtual": we started with 15 days in an offline period in Madrid, then left in September for some days in London to visit the Adtech Fair, attend some classes and visit some companies (my favourite: the Financial Times) and finished in our last 15 days period in Madrid, for the last offline experience...  In the meantime, we had to attend -from Tuesday to Fridays the online forums, of three subjects, prepare the group and individual projects, plus exams, plus writing and reading of posts... 25 students that wrote a maximum -sometimes more :(- of five posts per subject -three in a week-... That made more than 375 posts just to read...  A NIGHTMARE! But also, very insightful and many of them, very useful...

So.. how´s the routine in a Master like this one if  you have a full time job: study, study, study during the weekends, give up ALL (or almost all :)) your social and family life and of course, forget about sleeping much!

But don´t freak out: I´m maybe a masochist, but the experience has given me a lot in exchange: some very good friends, the tools of working in a group, a lot of patience and strength and... loads and loads of learning and knowledge for a future career in the 2.0 industry. Probably, I´ll meet again my classmates in Palo Alto (California) in November 2011. The next offline period will be there and I don´t want to miss it. So if you´re ready, go ahead! Probably you won´t regret it... (I haven´t) 



This is a video with some of my master's classmates. The best of lucks for: Eleanor (Mia), from the Philippines; Kashif from Dubai; Simon, Australian living in Biarritz; Yunilda, from Costa Rica but 'adopted' by Los Angeles; Jesús, living in Miami; Arvind, from Singapore; Crisela, also from Philippines Filipinas; Edu and Paco from Mexico; Bibiana and Manuel, from Venezuela; Juan Manuel 'Mono', from Colombia; Patrick, from Switzerland; Tillmann, from Germany; Morne from SouthAfrica; Peter from the Czech Republic; Klara, a world citizen :); Philip, from UK but living in Madrid; Cris, Cris, Alberto and Viviana, Spaniards scattered all over the world.... we were 23 brave students!!! Congratulations to all of us!

If you want to know more about the master, you can have a look to the posts I wrote in the Digital Marketing Blog, in its website or going back to the post I wrote when I just initiated the program... Any questions? Just email me.. Now, I just have to say: good luck if you want to enroll a program like this one! All the best...


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