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12 octubre 2010

IE Master in Digital Marketing News. Almost seven months of hard work in the master and, at last, we recently met all our classmates in the traditional September roadshow. An interesting experience as everything we shared in the online tied us with some special bonds in the offline. No matter we hadn´t seen each other for many months (except from via Skype and the beer-meetings with my fellow students in Madrid!), we all knew quite well each other´s work and capabilities quite well and shared something special that made us be considered a different "species". Digital geeks? Don´t think so, but getting close to it! :)


So, at last, all of us met for one marvellous and intense week in London (one exam, two projects... many classes, several visits to firms...) Some great days  to share our online experiences around some pints of beer, attend some offline forus,  visit some companies (as Ogilvy, Microsoft, Sponge Group, Accenture or Financial Times, and, of course, visit Adtech, the most important digital marketing fair of the world that took place in London and that tours every year around Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Sidney, San Francisco, Singapore and Shanghai.

Its audience? Around 8,000 really excited marketers that find it very difficult to go to sleep after realizing that, by 2014, the digital advertising and marketing investment figure will double. At least, in USA, according to Forrester. And I´m sure the forecast for Spain is not much lower... at last it´s what I´m seein in my day to day work.



Our visit to the fair was a non-stop race: only a few hours during the 22nd of September to learn about the last trends on digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Mindshare, NeoOgilvy… nobody seemed to be missing in this innovative fair that was born 15 years ago in United States. Now, in its sixth edition in London,  there´s no hint of crisis. While some attendants relaxed while having a massage in the middle of the fair, (I´m not kidding), others tried to attend some of the 150 seminars that were held or visit any of the 170 companies that had a stand. Digital marketing recruiters, media agencies, SEO and SEM specialists, news agencies, mobile marketing agencies... Google, as usual, organized practical seminars on Adwords and held several small meetings with some possible clients. Me? I´m sure, in the near future.


A non-stop working day while we could listen to some of the most important "gurus" in interactive marketing. Twitter brought his product manager Shiva Rajaraman, that explained their new advertising methods, like promoted tweets -considered by many as Twitter Adwords-; Yahoo and Microsoft explained their search alliance; Facebook came with Trevor Johnson, Stratey and Planning director in the EMEA region; Norm Johnston, Global Digital Leader from Mindshare talked about the latest trends…. And Michael Nutley, New Media Age editor-in-chief talked about the past and future challenges on the sector. "We still don´t have the earnings that traditional advertising has", he explained. For him, the future will be about video and the key trend: "the integration between media and creative agencies, in some years there will be such that there won´t be any difference between both of them, just projects", he said.

A key learning? In words of Nutley: "The idea is not to have a digital strategy, but a strategy integrated into the digital world". Do yo agree? Let´s not forget it.


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